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About Me

Priscila Chu is a multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for researching different aspects of her craft through collaboration. A lifelong lover of the arts, she began studying piano and dance at a young age and later obtained her PhD from Hong Kong Baptist University studying Collaborative Arts and Music Composition. 


Priscila's artistic vision is centered around the analysis of musical moments, seeking to craft transformative experiences that resonate uniquely within the spaces she inhabits. Described as "ever-changing," her work embodies an evolutionary quality that reflects her deep-seated belief in the dynamic nature of artistic expression. Her creative process is a testament to her ability to forge connections between ideas, performers, time, and the spaces they collectively inhabit.


She believes the arts are a tool for manifesting her beliefs. Her recent creative works are known for being diverse, interactive and for bringing cultures together through collaboration. 

In addition as a trained and experienced educator, Priscila has devoted herself to educational projects, using arts as a tool to benefit students and the community.  She is passionate about making the arts accessible for everyone and creating meaningful moments in non-traditional spaces. 


Along with being the founder of AlpPla and Arts Platform, which are committed to researching, curating and producing arts programs worldwide.

“Collaborative art refers to the amalgamation of different art forms into an original work…This integration not only combines arts but also often brings together people, ideas, knowledge and even cultures.”- Priscila Chu

Priscila Chu, Composer, Artist

photo by Cathy Chu

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